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Outdoor Activities

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Have fun outdoors!

If you love to be in the great outdoors but prefer to be doing something rather than nothing, then this is the perfect room for you to look in. When we have wonderful weather there is nothing better than being outside playing a game of cricket or golf, having a paddle in a pool or even flying a kite. We have an array of items that you will be able to have lots of fun with.

On the Bikes, Scooters and Ride-Ons shelf there is a selction of scooters like the Razor Spark Scooter that can create a trail of sparks when you kick back on the special spark bar.

You will find some great products on the Football, Rugby, Cricket & Golf shelf, four classic British sports. The Football Set by Free Time 4 Kidz includes two inflatable footballs and an inflatable goal with net, great fun for all the family and so easy to use! Or if you prefer the Complete Cricket Set by Mookie which includes a wooden size 3 cricket bat, stumps. Bail, leg pads, batting gloves and a good quality rubber ball; everything you need for the perfect game of Sunday afternoon cricket!

We stock a massive range of kites from Spirit of Air which can all be found on the Kites shelves. Kites for the complete beginner to power, sport and stunt kites. The Diamond Rainbow Kite is great classic kite which is super strong and ready to use for you to learn to fly a kite. We also stock the very popular Chinese Sky Lantern in both a square and heart shape. Light the fuel cell candle inside and watch the lantern float up to 1000m high and stay in the air for 20 minutes.

On the Nerf & Xploderz shelf you will find two different types of ‘dart guns’ which shoot foam ammunition and is safe for indoor play. The Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 by Hasbro is the ultimate customisable dart gun with many different attachments. Xploderz by Character Options are very similar to Nerf but the ammo is different, they are called hydro rounds and are super safe, non toxic and leave no mess. This ammo can be used with the Xploderz X-Stormer 575; it is light and easy to use and you can fire at your opponent from 75 feet away.

The Novelty Flags shelf has a variety of high quality flags measuring 150cm x 90cm (5ft x 3ft). We have the American Stars & Stripes Flag, the regional Yorkshire Rose Flag and there is also the Great British Union Flag of red, white and blue. And did you know that the Union Flag is only called the Union Jack when it is onboard a ship!

On the Swing Ball shelf you will find the very popular game which has been around for many years where two people try to hit a ball fastened to a large pole. The aim is to get the ball to either the top or the bottom of the spiral first. As well as an All Surface Swing ball Set there is also a First Swing ball Set designed for 3 year old and above that uses smaller bats and a foam ball. Both are easy to carry and easy to store, great for a day out at the park or on the beach.

Another wonderful outdoor activity is tennis. Our Tennis & Badminton shelf has a 2 Player Tennis Set and don’t forget the 3 Tennis Balls in a Bag for when you loose your balls over the neighbours fence. There is also a Badminton Set for both 2 and 4 players and you may need extra Shuttlecocks too.

We really hope you enjoy looking at all the Outdoor Activities products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM and hope that you can find just what you are looking for.


Mookie Lo-Lo Ball in PURPLE £14.99 Funskool My Little Buggy £21.99 Mookie Lo-Lo Ball in ORANGE £13.99 Messi Footbubbles Starter Set with BLUE SOCKS £13.95 Spirit of Air Kite Line 36M x 13kg Polyester Twist SINGLE £4.99 Spirit of Air Kite Line 30M x 45kg Dacron Braid, Heavy-Duty PAIR £7.99 Nerf N-STRIKE Elite 30 Pack Refill £9.50 Mookie Size 3 Cricket Set in Bag £12.99

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