My Password Journal 9

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Brand: Mattel

Age Group: 6+

My Password Journal 9

The voice-activated lock only opens to your voice with the password that you create.

You can also record a customized intruder alert to ward off anyone who tries to open the journal. When someone attempts to mimic your password, the journal records it so you can play it back later and catch the culprit in action!

The journal comes with 30 thought-inspiring prompts and has the capacity to create 10 personal ones of your own.

It also includes an invisible ink pen and a black light to reveal your private writing. The black light is a dual reading light, too, so you can write anytime, anywhere.

There is also a hidden compartment to store your super-secret stuff. 

My Password™ Journal inspires hours of creative writing, fun reflection and is the coolest, most private journal ever! Paper notebook included.

Requires 3 x AA Batteries. Batteries NOT Included.

Packaging Dimensions: Height:28.5cm Width:25.5cm Depth:5cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm


  • Stylish electronic journal offers the ultimate privacy and protection.
  • Voice activated lock only opens to your voice.
  • For extra security, journal will record an intruder's voice to catch the culprit! Also can record a customized intruder alert to ward them off.
  • Comes with 30 thought-inspiring prompts and the capacity to create 10 personal ones of your own.
  • Includes invisible ink pen and dual black light that is also a reading light.

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