Mini Lalaloopsy Dyna Might Doll

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Brand: Lalaloopsy

Age Group: 3+

Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls (Assortment)

Now you can have the cuteness of the Lalaloopsy in the palm of your hand. Itty Lalaloopsy come in their own silly little houses you can keep and collect. They each come with an adorable pet and fun accessories that fit their personalities. Product Features: Every character is different, The packaging is a play set you can keep! Moveable arms, legs, and head. Adorable pet, Totally collectible, Downloadable Lalaloopsy Buttontown Map Puzzle Piece!

12 different dolls available, each is sold separately. (Only one version shown)

  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie: She is super-sweet, has perfect manners, and loves inviting friends over for tea and treats.
  • Bea Spells-a-Lot: She is a real smarty-pants, who always follows the rules and loves to talk a LOT!!
  • Jewel Sparkles: She’s is very graceful, a little bit bossy, and loves to dance and wear sparkly clothes.
  • Peanut Big Top: She is a silly prankster who’s a little bit clumsy and loves to make her friends laugh.
  • Spot Splatter Splash: She’s super creative and loves bright colours, big messes, and eating spaghetti.
  • Mittens Fluff n Stuff: She loves snow fights and snuggling by the fire.
  • Pillow Featherbed: She loves good stories, long naps, and her favourite snack is milk and cookies.
  • Dot Starlight: She’s a dreamer who loves science, and she’s always got her head in the clouds.

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