K'NEX Mighty Makers Figure Packs (Series 1) JESS

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Brand: K'nex

Age Group: 7+

Figure Packs (Series 1)

Rock out with Jess and her gerbil, Pi, with the Jess' Jammin' Garage Building Set from Mighty Makers. Jess loves being in a band! Whether she is playing the drums or the guitar, her musicality shines through. What makes Jess so good, you ask? It's her understanding of math and the role it plays in music, of course!

Gaze off into the night sky with Hailey, and her bunny, Stella, in the Hailey's Star Gazing Adventure Building Set. Hailey loves to explore the world around her, but she is also interested in the other worlds that might be out in the galaxy. Join Hailey as she goes on an overnight star gazing camping trip.

Save the turtles with Marissa and her turtle, Scooter, in the Marissa's Turtle Tours Building Set. Marissa loves living by the ocean, and she wanted to own her own business. So, she opened her our ecotourism stand! Marissa takes all the tourists out on her dad's boat and teaches them about the turtles and how to protect their habitat.

Packaging Dimensions: Length: 15 cm Height: 16 cm Width: 5 cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm


  • Includes at least 40 + K'NEX parts and pieces
  • Join either Hailey, Jess or Marissa with there build, each with there own pet
  • Various accessories related to each packs theme
  • Includes Instruction Sheet.

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