Learning Resources Hot Dots Lets Learn! Maths

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Brand: Learning Resources

Age Group: 5+

Hot Dots Lets Learn! Maths

The Hot Dots System from Learning Resources is ideal for one to one learning at both home and at school. With this Lets Learn Maths pack the child can discover primary mathematic skills such as addition, subtraction and telling the time.

Your child can gain immediate feedback via the Hot Dot pen. All they have to do is touch the pen on the correct answer, if it’s right it will light up green and play rewarding noises. If it’s wrong the pen will light up red and will give them encouragement to carry on.

This pen can be adjusted for audio or fun sound effects to help reinforce.

Packaging Dimensions: Length: 29 cm Height: 29 cm Width: 6 cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm

There are three different books, each one containing 64 activities across 32 double-sided pages. It’s perfect for independent learning and to assist with those basic key stage skills.

Key Features:

  • Talking pen
  • 3 Books
  • 64 Activities per book
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Telling the time

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