John Adams Golden Coin Maker

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Brand: John Adams

Age Group: 6+

Golden Coin Maker

Do you love those bags of golden chocolate coins you know the ones you can only get at Christmas? Have you ever wondered how they are made? Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own, then you could eat them all year long, well now you can.

With this mini factory you can make chocolate coins and medals in 19 different designs, or make up your own design using the die and tool. How does the factory work, discover how to make the coins.

  • First of all you melt the chocolate (you can use any make of chocolate buttons) and cut the foil, then drop your chocolate coin in and press the lid down.
  • Remove the coin and choose a stamp, then turn the handle and emboss the design on each side.
  • You can choose from Happy Birthday, Good Luck, Smiley Face, Football and many more.
  • When you have made your coins, place them in one of the gold net bags and secure with gold elastic add a gift tag and there you have a perfect present.
  • Now make some for yourself!

Included in the set:

  • Coin and medal factory
  • Melting Unit
  • Coin/Medal ring and moulds
  • 10 double sided embossing discs
  • Gold Net Bags
  • Gold Elastic
  • Gold Foil Sheets

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