John Adams Funky Purses

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Brand: John Adams

Age Group: 6+

Funky Purses

Now here is something different. I bet you keep losing your pocket money, you have holes in your pockets or you just leave it lying around and you get into trouble when you can’t find it. With this kit you will always know where your money is. Make one or all of the purses included in this kit, either follow the instructions for each design or just make up your own.

There is no sewing to do, as the purses are ready made including the zips and only need decorating. You could choose a theme, either comic characters or comical animals. All you need is a little imagination and you can create fantastic cool designs with the beads, ribbons, felt, sequins and wool.

Included in the box:

  • ribbons, felt, wool, beads, sequins and 5 ready made purses with zips.

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