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Games and Puzzles

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Introduction to Games and Puzzles

The first jigsaw puzzle was made in around 1760 by John Spilsbury, a London engraver and mapmaker. He decided to mount one of his maps on a piece of hardwood and cut around the borders of the countries, this end product became a very popular educational tool for teaching British children geography. By the early 1900s Jigsaw puzzles were no longer just for educational use and both wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles were available. It was in the 1920s and 1930s that the jigsaw puzzle became very popular with companies like Chad Valley designing them with pretty scenes and pictures of railways and ships. People liked that they ‘bought a good deal of entertainment for a small price’ and that a jigsaw puzzle was “recyclable” as you could break it up and give to family and friends when you had finished. This is still the same today and don’t forget a jigsaw puzzle is really a great way to reduce stress.

The Jigsaw puzzle is quite a new invention compared to many games and board games, with games like Dice and Backgammon being around since about 2500BC and Dominoes was first played in 800AD. The Chinese Board Game Go was first created in 2300BC and the extremely popular game of Chess was first played around 500AD. Who knew what a history these games all have, that we all loved as children and as adults. In the early 1900s board games like Monopoly and Scrabble were invented and have since become best sellers all over the world.

Our huge range of Games

Here in the Toy Shop we sell a huge range of the classic jigsaw puzzles, games and board games that are so popular as well as the modern equivalent; the electronic toys and gadgets.

On the Air Hogs shelf and Electronic Toys shelf you will find some very cool toys to play with. Air Hogs are radio controlled aircraft that are powered with compressed air, the Sharp Shooter is an indoor missile shooting helicopter, now that does sound like fun! There are also many electronic toys to choose from; the Hamster Chatimal is a great gift and lots of fun; push his paw, talk and then he will repeat everything back to you. The Catcha Beast from Bandai is also great fun; catch invisible beasts in the atmosphere then train them to fight in battles. The Gadgets & Gismos shelf has a new product from Flair on it, the Rolobox, it is so simple you just attach the 4 wheels to a cardboard box and it becomes a great pull along toy.

Board Games

We have great ranges of board games on the Board Games shelves. When was the last time you played the game of Cluedo, invented by Anthony Pratt, a solicitor’s clerk from Birmingham, and launched in 1949, it has become a classic who done it! Maybe it was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the conservatory. MB has also made some classic games over the years like Connect 4, Hungry Hippos, Guess Who and Mouse Trap. Some of these great games are also available in Travel Size like Monopoly and Battleship.

Jigsaw Puzzles

We really have an enormous choice of puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. If you love Disney Princesses then the Disney Puzzles & Games shelf is for you. We have jigsaw puzzles from 500 to 1500 pieces in stock too and smaller puzzles with 12-50 pieces designed just for children. The Wasgij puzzles really make you think, the box doesn’t show the picture you have to build, it shows what the people are looking at and that is what you have to make. Don’t forget to get a Jigsaw roll too so that you can put your puzzles somewhere safe while you are still working on it. The wooden jigsaw puzzles on the Puzzles – Melissa & Doug shelf are perfect for younger children. The pieces are large and chunky and just right for little hands, we love the Safari Chunky Puzzle, you can even play with these puzzle pieces just by themselves.

We have games and memory games, puzzles and puzzleballs by the Ravensburger brand. Ravensburger is a German game company that made its first game called ‘Journey around the World’ in 1884. Their first puzzle was produced in 1964 and now they have over 2000 different products available. In 2010 they even broke the world record for the world’s largest puzzle, it measured 17’x6’ when made and contained 32,256 pieces, wow!

Other Games

The Ravensburger Games shelf has one of Ravensburgers’ most famous games on it called Labyrinth, a mysterious maze game. The Ravensburger Memory shelf has a selection of the trademarked memory game; there are Ben 10, Chuggington and Hello Kitty versions. Ravensburger produce a series of puzzles for preschoolers from around 3 years old, the Numberjacks Giant Floor Puzzle is great for learning numbers. On the Ravensburger Puzzleball shelf you will find the 3D puzzle that was launched in 2006, the Discover the World Puzzleball has 540 pieces and comes complete with a stand to display it on.

On the Marvin’s Magic shelf it really is magic made easy, there are magic tricks for all ages. The Fifty Greatest Card Tricks set comes complete with a hardback book of easy to follow illustrated instructions, in no time you will be the next Paul Daniels! The products on the Tech Deck & Flick Trix shelf have become very popular recently in line with the increasing popularity of skateboarding and BMX bikes. You actually use your fingers to power these miniature skateboards and bikes.

On the Thinkfun Brainteasers shelf we have some of the best challenging puzzles available from the Thinkfun brand. Rush Hour is one of our favourites where you have to manoeuvre your red car from out of the traffic jam, it comes with 40 different challenge cards but you can also purchase 3 different Add On Packs for one you have them all mastered.

If you love to play with yo yo’s then look no further than the Yomega Yo Yo’s shelf. The Brain Auto Return Yo-Yo will automatically come back up after it has been thrown down, it is that clever! As well as all of the wonderful Games and Puzzles above we also stock a range of products for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, including the consoles, games and many accessories.

Have fun!

We really hope you enjoy looking at all the Games and Puzzles we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM and hope that you can find just what you are looking for. Simply select your desired category from the menu on the left-hand side of the page or use the search bar at the top of the page if you’re looking for something specific.


Hexbug Nano V2 (Black Body & Yellow Legs) £7.99 Marvin's Magic Box of 125 Tricks £13.50 House of Marbles Tiddlywinks £6.99 Hungry Hippos Game £18.99 Classic Jenga Game from Hasbro (BOXED) £16.99 B Woofer Musical Dog £35.99 Kerplunk Game £19.99 Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Puzzle £12.99

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