Hot Wheels Hammer Drop Wall Track Pack

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Brand: Hot Wheels

Age Group: 4+

Hot Wheels Basic Wall Tracks

Hot Wheels have packed up their bags, and moved onto the wall! Now these special wall track packs can actually be attached to your bedroom wall, giving more track support for even crazier stunts! There are four different sets available (each sold separately) so where will you begin? The pieces are easily stuck to the wall with 3D adhesive that can be removed with ease.

The Broadwalk Blast shoots your car down the cool flame effect, around the corner and down the zigzag water shoot until flipping through the board at the end.

Drift Rally Spinout takes your car on a crazy down hill journey with 180-degree drift turns and more! Watch as it clears the jumps and makes its way to the finish, but will it beat the record time?

With Hot Wheels Hammer Drop the car will shoot down the track and into a cool hammer like cradle that pivots the car around into the remaining track segment. Mega fun!

Finally with the Racing Dual set you can race two of your favourite cars down the twisty track, but there’s only room for one winner! Who will make it to the bottom, and who will get stuck in the trap?!

Please note: Sold individually, only one supplied.

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