Fluffimals Fluffy Factory

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Brand: Fluffimals

Age Group: 3+

Fluffy Factory

Create, design and bring to life your very own Fluffy Friend with Fluffimals.

Turn and twist the handles of the Fulffimals Fluffy Factory and watch as your Fluffimal comes to life! This creative craft cuddly toy gives you all you need to create your own personalised teddy bear. Pick a personality to match your bear, bring your bear to life using the Fluffimals Fluffy Factory adding a glowing heart and magic personality fluffy stuffing, create a birth certificate for your new cuddly friend giving them their own name and make them look their best with the Fluffimals hairbrush.

The screw cap on the back of the Fluffimal makes it easy to change their personality as many times as you want. Simply remove the fluffy stuffing from your Fluffimal and reattach to the Fluffy Factory, pick a new personality card to create your fluffy friend from and fill with new fluffy stuffing.

The Fluffimals Starter Pack includes a fluffy bear, Fluffy Factory, glowing heart, magic personality fluffy stuffing, tweezers, hairbrush, birth certificates and personality ingredient cards.

Packaging Dimensions: Length:34cm Height:25cm Width:13cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm

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