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Introduction to Learning Resources

Learning Resources is a manufacturer of award-winning educational toys and learning aids for children from two to twelve years old. This brand is both popular with teachers, parents and families, all of whom want to make a positive difference to a child’s growth and development. There is a huge range of products from Early Years education, Numeracy, Literacy, and Science. All of these products make learning exciting for children of all abilities. Learning Resources Inc began business in Illinois, USA over 25 years ago creating these wonderful products for children. In response to demand from European customers Learning Resources Ltd started in King’s Lynn, Norfolk in 1994. Over the past 17 years they have been serving the European, Middle Eastern and African markets and building an excellent reputation as a reliable and quality brand.

Our large range of products

Here in the Toy Shop at WWSM we have a vast number of shelves with large selection of the Learning Resources products:

The Teaching Resources shelves – Find everything here to organize your classroom. Pocket charts, Calendars, whiteboard resources and much more.

The Numeracy shelves – This section introduces young children to numbers, counting and sorting. They can use the Three Bear Family Counter sets and accessories to learn about sizes, colours and patterns. There are products for telling time, counting, sorting, colour, shapes & patterns, Cuisenaire Rods & Base ten, Maths games, fractions, geometry, measurement & balancing.

The Literacy shelves –  these shelves introduce young children to letters and sounds. The Alphabet Soup Sorters are great for building vocabulary, sorting and fine motor skills. These products are aimed to help with alphabet & phonics learning, letters & sounds, grammar, reading comprehension and speaking & writing. There are also products on this shelf designed to help reinforce the skills learnt at the school foundation stage. Practice motor skills with the Lacing Alphabet and learn about textures using the Laundry Jumble game.

The Science shelves – Children can explore everything around them with the products on this range. They can learn about Life Cycles, insects and plants, animals and habitats, and the Human Body. Look at the weather, the Earth, the Solar System and Forces & Motions. There are lots of science accessories too to help with all of this exploration like test tubes, beakers, magnifiers and magnets. On the Role Play shelf there is everything for children who love to pretend and the products on this shelf encourage them to do just that. Pretend to be a Doctor, Baker, or Chef. They can learn about different foods and have tea parties using the dish sets. Or even pretend to go camping and fishing.

We hope you enjoy looking at all the Learning Resources products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM.


Learning Resources Plastic Cuisenaire Rods Small Group Set £23.99 Learning Resources Snap Unifix Cubes (Set of 100) £10.99 Learning Resources Playfoam Combo 8-Pack £9.99 Learning Resources MathLink Maths Cubes, Set of 100 £10.99 Learning Resources Toy Euro Coin Assortment (100 Pack) £5.99 Learning Resources Transparent Counters, 2cm in 6 colours (Set of 250) £6.99 Learning Resources Write-On/Wipe-Off Demonstration Clock £6.99 Learning Resources Three Bear Family Pattern Cards £8.99

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