Hornby Starter Tree Kit - Deciduous Tree 3" - 4" (Pack of 16)

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Brand: Hornby

Age Group: 3+

Deciduous Tree Kit

Hornby Tree Kit - Tree kits include a coated armature which can be bent and formed to the desired shape together with three shades of foliage for maximum effect. To fit the trees into position it is recommended that a suitable size hole be drilled into the baseboard or diorama, with the trees then being pushed home. For a more permanent fixing place a small amount of contact adhesive into the drilled hole and on to the lower trunk of the tree before positioning.

1. Remove the foliage from the packs and 'tease' out to the desired thickness.
2. Using a small paint brush, apply a water based glue (wood glue, PVA or equivalent) to the branches.
3. Apply small pieces of the 'teased out' foliage onto the branches and allow to dry.
4. Use a small pair of scissors to trim the foliage to the desired shape
5. Please note the branches maybe bent further if required.

Available in two different sets. Each sold separately.

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