Hornby Cotswold Wall Pack 1 R8539

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Brand: Hornby

Age Group: 3+

Cotswold Wall Packs

Hornby Cotswold Stone Wall Packs in the Skaledale collection. Skaledale is a green and pleasant countryside, where it is fine and sunny everyday and where in the distance a train can be heard making its way stopping briefly at Skaledale Station to disembark passengers or offload freight.

R8539 Cotswold Stone Wall Pack No.1 - Pack contains eight straight walls and four corners
R8540 Cotswold Stone Wall Pack No.2 - Pack contains two curved walls, two straight walls, three broken walls, one stile, two gate pillars and one gate
R8541 Cotswold Stone Wall Pack No.3 - Pack contains two straight walls (reverse end), two straight walls, three half straight walls and four adverse corners.

Image shows the 3 different packs and each pack of walls is sold separately.

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