Brio Toddler Kitchen Sink

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Brand: Brio

Age Group: 1+

Kitchen Sink

Do you love to copy mummy at work in her kitchen? I bet you already have a wooden cooker, washing machine and storage cupboards, now all you need to complete your kitchen is a sink. Crafted by Brio in wood this sink fits perfectly alongside the classic Brio stove.

The sink features knobs and a tap; all of which turn and it has cupboards in which you can store all of your toy pans, cups and saucers and plates as well as all of your play food. The next time you are bored get out your kitchen and your dolls and prepare a pretend meal but don’t forget you will have to wash up in your new sink and put all of your crockery and utensils away.

The kitchen sink has a red and white glossy finish and is finished, as you would expect, to a high standard.

Dimensions: 322mm x 294mm x 587mm

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