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Roberto Botella Designer Spanish Shoes

Black Faux Fur Court Shoe Black Faux Fur Court Shoe £20.00 Bronze Leather Court Shoe Bronze Leather Court Shoe £20.00 Platinum High Heeled Shoes Platinum High Heeled Shoes £10.00

Now in stock at "Piccolo Shoes"! The fabulous Roberto Botella collection. Roberto Botella was founded in 2002 and in record time the company succeeded in obtaining an all important quota within the national shoe market. Now, Roberto Botella has broken through into a total of 21 different prestigious countries, as well as here in the UK. Roberto Botella can also be viewed in stores in Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, The Arab Emirates, South Africa and the United States of America. So if you're looking for high class style and superb quality, then look no further! Check out our stock availability, be sure not to miss out ladies!

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