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Buckley Jewellery Pave Silver Collection

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Not to be outdone, and even though they have a fabulous range of costume jewels, Buckley have also designed a range of sterling silver pieces. Their bangles, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all 925 silver which means that there are 925 parts in every 1000 of pure silver making a high quality affordable silver accessory.

The sterling silver cuff bangle is so elegant and will make someone you love feel very special! Each piece is expertly designed and the collection includes some real classic pieces which are timeless and can be cherished for ever. These items make fabulous gifts for friends, loved ones, colleagues and are also great occasion pieces for anniversaries, birthdays, christmas, weddings and so much more. Blingtastic! Enjoy!

All items have an anti-tarnish finish to reduce tarnishing over the first 6 months. Should the silver start to tarnish, which is a natural process and occurs in all silver items, polish the item gently with a soft cloth to restore its lustre. All stones used in the silver range are mineral coloured cz's (cubic zirconia) which is the finest synthetic stone and is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a diamond and a well cut cubic zirconia without the assistance of magnification - the most popular colours at present include aqua, light amethyst and clear.

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