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Decodelire Fashion Bags & Accessories

Decodelire Fashion Bags & Accessories

History of Decodelire

Decodelire are a French company who first began their brilliant bag designs in 2004. The story began when Jerome, the designer, went on a trip to Argentina and met Gustavo who at the time was a designer at the University of Buenos Aires. Jerome invited Gustavo to come and design with him in France. Within weeks, their designs grew into collections and they began to appear on the French market. Today, we can see Decodelire collections across Europe, Japan, Canada, South America and Africa!

Our range of Decodelire

Here at World Wide Shopping Mall we are proud to be part of the Decodelire story. The bold bright colours will brighten up your day and the funky designs and patterns will make you smile. Explore the various collections: Bordeaux, Colibri, Hypnotique, Parisienne and Romantique. Each collection boasts a unique design in various different bag types. We're sure that there will be a bag from the Gus Gyurgyevic 2013 collection to suit everyone!


Decodelire Romantique Mini Lunch Bag £8.99

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