What you wear can change your life

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What you wear can change your life

Trinny and Susannah - What you wear can change your life
Accompanies the new BBC1 'What Not To Wear' television series with Trinny and Susannah.

Trinny and Susannah know that looking good, and feeling you are looking good, is one of the most important psychological boosts for a woman at every stage of her life.
This book covers every aspect of presenting yourself in the best possible way, from skincare, hair and make-up to choosing the colours that suit you best and the accessories that complement not kill an outfit.
Whether you are struggling with a midlife crisis or a handful of children under five, looking for Mr Commitment or facing menopause, Trinny and Susannah's advice will help you make the most of yourself.

'They say the kind of things up front most of us say behind each other's backs.' Evening Standard
'Their comments are brisk as a brace of gym mistresses overseeing detention.' Scotsman
'They aren't interested in short-term fashion fixes; they promote long-term stylish dressing.' Guardian
'… brilliant, if humiliating.' Heat

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