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Vileda Cloths and Scourers

Bathroom Sponge Scourer Bathroom Sponge Scourer £4.50 Free Delivery Perfect Fit Ironing Board Cover Perfect Fit Ironing Board Cover £10.60 Free Delivery Radial Fresh Dish Brush Radial Fresh Dish Brush £5.70 Free Delivery Scrub Brush Scrub Brush £5.99 Free Delivery Spiral Scourer Spiral Scourer £2.99 Free Delivery Style Dish Cloth Style Dish Cloth £2.99 Free Delivery Super Scouring Pad Twin Pack Super Scouring Pad Twin Pack £3.70 Free Delivery Washing Up Sponges Washing Up Sponges £3.99 Free Delivery Washing Up Sponges- Non-Scratch Washing Up Sponges- Non-Scratch £4.99 Free Delivery Window & Glass Cloth Window & Glass Cloth £3.89 Free Delivery Window Squeegee Window Squeegee £6.99 Free Delivery

Discover a new approach to cleaning with Vileda’s range of cloths and scourers. Here at WWSM you will find an assortment of cleaning cloths for all of your household cleaning needs. Take a look at the Style Dish Cloths, bringing together the power of these long-lasting cloths, combined with the bright, funky design to brighten your kitchen and make washing up a bit more fun!

The wide variety of scourers will provide you with an easy and effective way to help tackle tough dirt and stains. The Active Wave Super Absorbent Scourers are durable and non-scratch providing you with the perfect tool for tackling ground in dirt and stains.

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore