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Leeds Pottery is produced entirely by hand. The Jugs and Vases shown here are all patterned from designs and moulds first used by the Hartley Greens Leeds Pottery and originally made in Leeds Yorkshire in the 18th century. Some of the pieces displayed in this section can be seen in museums throughout the land and many across the globe. Today Leeds Pottery is made in the heart of England at the Staffordshire Potteries, near Stoke on Trent at Longton.

These dainty and delicate pieces are worthy of gracing the most grandeur of settings although they were designed so long ago they will complement the most modern scenes and placings. For instance look at the graceful flaring of the Leeds Pottery Pierced Vase, or the stylish and slender bud vase. In addition, the classically styled urns and the statue of Aphrodite offer the opportunity of complimenting most settings. The unusual Cornucopias are truly a mirror of Victorian times can you will imagine the hall or the drawing room with flowers displayed delicately in these ornate pieces.

The newly produced pottery will surely stand the test of time and become the wonderful artefacts of tomorrow.

Many items of pottery have been replicated by other potteries in various colours but none matches creamware made by Leeds Pottery. The very method of manufacturing means that care has to be given to every element of the process if any defect or speck is missed then it will show through the translucent glaze which means that the factory has to be kept exceedingly clean and free of dust.

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