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The Leeds Pottery Giftware and Ornaments range includes reproductions of many historic pieces including Photograph Frames, Mantle Clocks, Tobacco Jars and much more. All products are made by hand using patterns, moulds and designs used by Leeds Pottery in Yorkshire in the 18th century. Today Leeds Pottery is made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques in Longton right in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries, where Stoke on Trent is the central town.

Most of the pieces have a very traditional look and many having an original useful purpose such as the large and small Centrepieces which can be imagined to serve as an elegant table display with whatever took ‘my lady's fancy - be it a delicacy or a sweet smelling herb or flower. Today use as for a fabulous flower display to wow your guests or for displaying petit fours at the end of a meal. They also make stand alone display pieces in their own right though so leave unadorned to display their true beauty. Other items for dinner ornamentation include the fancy Napkin rings for holding serviettes and the wine coaster for displaying wine and catching any drips, all for use at the splendid dinner setting made up from the rest of the Leedsware ranges.

The best selling Pot Pourri pots would have freshened a room with a mixture of sweet smelling flower petals (fresh or dry), spices and dried herbs, or perhaps to include an essential oil. Today of course pot Pourri is readily available; however you could try to recreate a Victorian recipe based on dried garden flowers such as lavender, rose heads or chamomile together with an appropriately matched pure essential oil for added oomph. Try dried orange peel or orange slices mixed in with cinnamon sticks and cloves together with orange and cinnamon fragranced oils for a Christmassy scent. The beautiful pierced decorations of the Pot Pourri holders will allow the scents to infuse the air and waft gently around your room and help keep the dust at bay.

A piece such as the Tobacco Jar would have served the master for his tobacco during his get together with friends for an after dinner smoke and the Pottery Ink Well would add a little sumptuousness to a desk set with quill pens and a sand pot. Before the advent of blotting paper they would use sand or something similar to remove excess ink. The sand pot is a bit like a salt shaker but with a wider top that looks almost like a small, shallow bowl with holes. This was used to help spread the sand over the paper and to allow them to dump the excess sand back into the top and into the shaker for use again.

For the dressing table look at the Tray, Hexagonal Trinket Box or pierced baskets which would have, and still can, grace a lady's dressing table in her bedroom or boudoir ready to take that prized jewellery item such as rings, bracelets or necklaces.

Whether you are looking for a special gift, wanting to find unique pieces for home decor or simply wishing to extend your collection of Leeds Pottery, here you will find a varied selection of beautiful items to suit all price ranges.

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