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Leeds Pottery Emily, Charlotte & Henrietta

Charlotte Plates Charlotte Plates £13.08 Emily Plate Emily Plate £14.43 Henrietta Soup & Sauce Tureens Henrietta Soup & Sauce Tureens N/A

There is on this shelf three ranges of pottery ready to delight the eye including Leeds Pottery Emily, Charlotte & Henrietta.

The Emily range of pottery shows how a simplistic addition to the edge of ware can add to the whole character of the image. This design has a slightly raised, scalloped edge giving this style its own charm.

Whilst the Emily collection is not huge there are enough pieces to complement the dining table with the charming Emily Covered Cup and a artful Emily Individual Covered Dish along with the Emily Plates in Small, Medium and Large. Plus the Emily Round Bowl it is easy to put together for an impressive dinnertime display.

One of the nice things about Leeds Pottery creamware is that anything goes with anything and if you want you can put a plain or pierced item on the table as well from one of the other dinnerware ranges. To enhance the Emily display you could put a piece of Charlotte or Henrietta or perhaps Hunslet or even if you were to be really daring a piece of Anthony Quinn Design.

As it all matches don't be afraid. It really is an interior designer’s dream where a unique chance is given to demonstrate an individual flair using the delicate pale colour of the creamware to accentuate the mood of the setting to its maximum. American customers have particularly homed in on this simple but beautiful beneficial trait in pottery design. If you are looking to join the avant-garde then be sure to be the vanguard for your friends and family and start collecting creamware. Try beginning with the Emily range, the only thing is take care as it can get addictive!

Looking at the Charlotte creamware range of pottery, which has one of the largest single item content of Leeds Pottery, there are wonderful individual combinations and choices for pottery selection. With its eclectic artistic design and style Charlotte almost has the look of Art Deco but its origins go back well beyond this period. The coffee collection, including the Coffee Cup, Saucer and the Coffee Pot are complemented by the Cream Jug and Covered Sugar Bowl. Similarly there is the tea time selection of the Tea Cup and Saucer or the Mug with the Tea Pot and the Milk Jug. Plus there is a range of jugs to match with Small, Medium and Large sizes being available. There is also a splendid range of plates and bowls in the Side Plate, the Soup Bowl or Soup Plate (along with the Covered Soup Tureen), the Dinner Plate and Dessert Plate. There is a range of beautiful serving items including the Covered Oval Vegetable Dish and Sauce Tureen, the Open Square Serving Dish, Small Oval Serving Plate and finally to finish off the Fruit Dish which will sit nicely on its own or part of the full dinner display. There is no need to stray to other designs to achieve a full complement of dishes for the dinner table, but to achieve what you may consider to be the definitive display then other pieces from other Leeds Pottery designs may be considered as with all of the other ranges, other individual pieces will match! In short, everything for dinner table or breakfast table, and lunch and tea for that matter, a setting for every meal or occasion with the Charlotte range of pottery.

Pay attention also to the Henrietta range of pottery with its sleek and elegant flowing lines, though less in item content, it has a full charm of its own. The pieces have a raised lip on their outer edge with an equally balanced scalloping around the perimeter. For first course there is a choice between the Henrietta Soup Plate and the Henrietta Soup Bowl coupled with Side Plate for bread rolls and the like, with the Henrietta Soup Tureen serving as a centrepiece to this arrangement. For main course try the Henrietta Dinner Plate and for presentation the Covered Sauce Tureen with Stand and the Henrietta Covered Vegetable Dish with the Henrietta Serving Plates covering meal plate charging. Finally we have the Dessert Plate and Tea cup & Saucer for pudding and after dinner beverages. All of the pieces can be used for a variety of vegetables, sauces or sweets depending on the occasion, making the Henrietta design a functional but beautiful range and something to treasure for all time.

As before the glaze is the same so other pieces from the Leeds Pottery designs can be added to supplement any missing items such as teapots, sugar bowls and milk jugs. This glaze is semi translucent which means that you are actually seeing the body of the pot through the glaze so the potter has to be particularly careful in his work to stop blemishes showing through. Another reason as to why this handmade pottery is so very special.

Create your own unique dinner display with items from Leeds Pottery Emily, Charlotte and Henrietta.

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