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If you live in the UK then walking through stores and outlets you're sure to have seen one of the in store screen promotions for JML unique products. You will definitely know if you have seen one! JML have developed a number of items for use in the Kitchen.

Products like the Big Top Cup Cake maker mould let you produce a huge, eye catching cup cake which is perfect for parties and for those bakers amongst you.

JML has also focused on kitchen aids and have come up with a number of ‘tools’ to help both for food prep and cooking. The kitchen screams out for labour saving equipment and here they are. The Hands Free Can Opener is an electric can opener that opens tins without having to hold on to it. Great if you have weak or arthritic hands or struggle generally to open tins, or for busy kitchens where time is of the essence. For saving left overs, or for storing food items for the fridge or freezer, or cupboards the Handy Seal is the thing for you. Don’t throw food away, seal it in a bag which helps you by extracting the air as it seals. Keeping food fresh is always a problem and this product helps you overcome this problem by sealing plastic bags. And if you are tired of binning expensive fresh food then the miracle Keep Fresh Bags are the easy way to cut the cost of your shopping bills! Simply fill, store and pop in the fridge or cupboard.

If you enjoy cooking then having a good quality set of knives is essential for the efficient running of a kitchen and food preparation. Try the ergonomically designed Miracle Blade Set which has all the cutting tools you need for food prep. Vegetables and fruit always look better if they have been nicely cut, so for finer results try the Nicer Dicer Standard and Super Slicer which do this job beautifully.

If you need an oven, the Halogen Oven is perfect as it cooks up to 40% faster than an ordinary oven and needs a lot less space, making it particularly ideal for the small house or flat. Or for entertaining or those times when you need extra oven space this one is a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Another great invention is the Toasta Bag – brilliant for toasties and means you don’t need a separate bulky sandwich maker – these bags make for a clean and efficient way of doing toasted sandwiches. Less mess but with the same meltingly delicious results.

You're in the right place for all of your JML in the Kitchen help!

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