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Dartington Crystal Chateauneuf

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This range of crystal glassware by Dartington is called Chateauneuf. It was devised by Frank Thrower, the ever so famous head designer who helped mould Dartington into the company it is today. Sadly Frank is no longer with us however his designs live on, testament to how well designed they were in the first place.

It is a range of glasses and decanter – the smallest of which being the Sherry Glass, the largest being the Goblet and the Champagne flute the tallest.

Although there is no direct link between this collection and the medieval French village Chateauneuf there can be no doubt that this must have been his inspiration if not only for the name. The village is in the Southern Rhone region of France and its literal translation means Castle (‘Chateau’) and New (‘Neuf’). Chateauneuf du Pape is the ‘new’ castle of popes which is situated at the top of the village, the ruins of which still exist today and it is this name that is also associated with the most famous Cotes du Rhone wine in France. The ‘du-pape’ part coming from its papal connections as the wine region was much loved and used by Popes since 1308. Indeed in 1893 the village adopted its wine name as the village name. The wine region allows 13 different varieties of grape and the region was recently made most famous in the 70’s and 80’s by a US wine critic, Robert Parker, who gave it glowing accolades, and its popularity remains today.

So perhaps it was the place or the wine which invoked thoughts, ideas and perhaps memories to lead Frank Thrower to design this wonderful handmade collection of glasses. Each piece being specially handmade and with the name Dartington Chateauneuf it just rolls off the tongue and is guaranteed to excite the imagination.

Not just limited to reds, the small white wine glass is also good for dessert wines, the sherry for aperitifs, liqueurs and port. The large wine is principally for reds but if you like a large measure of white or rose it can be used for this too – a good all rounder. The goblet is larger still to allow more room for aeration so particularly suited to reds.

A modern classic with contemporary good looks with rounded bowl and elegant stemware. For the style-conscious wine connoisseurs or for people who appreciate the finer things in life. Good enough to tempt everyone.

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