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One of the designers featured by Leeds Pottery is London based artist Anthony Quinn who runs a successful design consultancy working with manufacturers to create tabletop ceramics ranges which are both functional and beautiful. A modern view of an old art.

Anthony Quinn Art by Design - art can be conceived in many ways and this collection of contemporary cookware and tableware originated through a research project undertaken by the ceramics designer and lecturer at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. His findings highlighted the relationship between the ornamental and functional in modern and historical ceramics resulting in collaboration with Leeds Pottery to produce pieces that cover this brief and remain functional in the modern world whilst using the pottery's time honored production piercing methods.

The culmination of this association was the 'Pierced by Design' range of Anthony Quinn pottery using the pierced decoration as a useful function of each object. Producing items that are both highly practical and pleasing to the eye this range will start exciting the thoughts of any modern day designer. Decorate the table with these quirky designs and fascinate your friends.

Yesterday’s pottery was not exclusively for functional use and in the larger houses pottery had to show those being entertained that the house owners were wealthy enough to do a table display that went beyond normal food serving and presentation. In essence it had to portray a vision of wealth and opulence. Everyday ware was not good enough for such spectacular occasions and pottery items were often in their own right used as pieces of art. Many would have thought this pottery too good to use for food, too delicate and too grand, but they had to impress and large amounts of money was often spent staging these dinner parties and other events.

The Anthony Quinn creamware range takes a light hearted look at this modern day society event with pieces meant to please the eye and still be useful. Looking at some examples of his work, the Monteith was originally a large ornamental bowl, usually of silver, for cooling wineglasses and here it becomes a Ceramics ornamental bowl with a scalloped top. The Monteith is said to be from the name of a Scot who wore a cloak with a scalloped edge. Then there is the pottery Colander which may not be everyone's idea of a useful design but my doesn't it look elegant. And the Cup & Saucer has a quirky piercing to the saucer for chocolate dusting, adding extra interest on the top of those cappuccinos and lattes. The Puzzle Jug adds a modern slant to the nonsense theme where it is designed to make people wonder what it is. How can a jug full of holes hold water? It does of course because it has an inner liner. This strange type of pottery was very popular during Victorian times along with many other items such as jugs and mugs incapable of being used for serving or drinking out of! The Serving Bowl speaks for itself as a beautiful version ready to grace any table or sideboard, making a charming addition to any house. Finally try serving up your snacks on a plate such as the Casse-Croute dish where this stylish piece really does fit the bill.

Create a talking point and choose Anthony Quinn designs today.

Another designer range to consider is the Leeds Pottery Festive range. Christmas for the adult is never far away yet for the young forever a day away but it is never the wrong time to buy Leeds Pottery festive ware as it will stand the test of being around for future generations to treasure. These festive handmade pieces are made with Christmas in mind, however they do make beautiful all year round purchases and if you really want to splash out for that Christmas bash there is the magnificent Pierced Work Punch Set with 8 pierced Cups complete with a Ladle. There is also a whole complimentary range of dinner ware if you would like any details please enquire.

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