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Contemporary Designer Crockery

Contemporary Designer Crockery

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Designer Crockery at WWSM

In this room we offer a wide range of Contemporary Designer Crockery from a number of well known, reputable companies including designs from Cath Kidston, Jamie Oliver, Churchill China, Jeff Banks, Victoria & Albert Museum Gifts and more.

To keep abreast in contemporary crockery design takes a lot to achieve but the current range from Churchill China represents all that is au courant and in demand with recent additions offering the most up-to-date of in fashion and in vogue versions of crockery style. Churchill working with famous names and designers has created a range of stylised pottery to amuse people and to add colour to the kitchen and home.

Jamie Oliver

With the Cheeky Mugs and the Bottom Line Squeeze Mugs and Bottoms Up Mugs, Jamie Oliver’s amusing London cockney cheeky adages and phrases can add a little fun to present giving and with more than fifty variations of sayings there is bound to be one that covers the occasion you have in mind. The Squeeze mug uses a totally new shape and also has a message which continues onto the base of the mug. With these mugs he continued to add fun to his food presentation concept working on the theme that “good food isn't hard at all, it's all about having a bit of a laugh”. Jamie’s cockney upbringing has lost none of the original wit that is so traditional with London folk from this area.

The Jamie Oliver White on White Tableware and cookware designed by Jamie takes a simplistic but practical line. His view was to work with the guys from Churchill and develop pottery to make cooking tastier, serving food easier and to look in his words “dead sexy on the table”! And we totally agree this set is the Bees Knees.

Looking at the Jamie Oliver Fluted Blue Tableware, this design is one based on a vintage feel, with crimped edges and various blue colourings including that duck egg blue colour which is quite eclectic and very popular. Like all his pottery his designs are extremely practical and relaxed in feel.

Cath Kidston

Next we can see the totally addictive Cath Kidston designer styled range with its bright colours it can add a unique personality to kitchen display. With both quirky and abstract designs which really do turn on the taste buds so change the scene in your kitchen or home with these delightful pieces. The vivid colours used by Kidston really can inspire new ideas and concepts. Here you will find available her very popular mugs, teapots and various other household items.

Beatrix Potter

Churchill’s range of Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit Pottery uses the childlike innocence of Beatrix to decorate a range of mugs and wear. Using the theme of Beatrix’s drawings and sketches these charming items are bound to delight whoever receives one.

Julie Dodsworth

Also included within this section is the Julie Dodsworth collection. Bright and bold, the various designs will certainly brighten up your kitchen. The different designs come in a range of mugs and kitchenware so make cooking fashionable and fun with Julie Dodsworth!

You will find exciting and interesting ranges of Contemporary Designer Crockery to fill your home!


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