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Leeds Pottery

The History of Leeds Pottery

Leeds Pottery Stamps

To appreciate the true workmanship and design of Leeds Pottery products it is important to understand a little about its history. John Green and Joshua Green, who were not related, in partnership founded Leeds Pottery in Leeds in 1770 with Richard Humble. Success soon came with the production of household goods in a variety of ceramic bodies with the most popular being creamware, a type of earthenware made by several companies from white Cornish Clay with a translucent glaze, producing the pale cream colour from which it took its name.

A lot has changed since the 1700s, modern technology is now used to ensure that the pottery is consistently produced and fired to the highest standard, whilst jolleying, piercing and assembly are still carried out by hand, giving each piece a freshness and character of its own. See the Decorative Accessories shelf for wonderful design pieces including the very popular Ewer and Basin. The wide range created from the original moulds is now being extended to include new items inspired by 18th century pattern books such as the Openwork pieces dotted around a number of different areas including Dinnerware and Bowls and Dishes and Anthony Quinn designs included within Leeds Pottery Designer Touches. While older pieces of Leedsware take pride of place in numerous museums, today Hartley Greens & Co Leeds Pottery continues to bring pottery from the most elegant period in English history to a new generation of admirers who truly appreciate the pieces and place them in their homes often displayed as works of art which surely they are. Buy Leeds Pottery Online today.

Whether it’s Jugs, Vases, Teasware, Hunslet or Shell Edge you are sure to find a piece you will love and admire for ever.


Leeds Pottery Hunslet Roulette Dinner Plate £14.38 Leeds Pottery Hunslet Cup £15.18 Creamware Shell Edge Soup Plate with Blue Edge £19.06 Creamware Shell Edge Side Plate with Blue Edge £9.99 Leeds Pottery Creamware Charlotte Soup Plate £13.08 Leeds Pottery Creamware Emily Large Plate £14.43 Leeds Pottery Creamware Small Leaf Dish £19.99 Leeds Pottery Hunslet Large Jug £36.35

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