Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade Large Hen on Nest

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Brand: Emma Bridgewater

Black Toast Hen on Nest

No slogans required here for this adorable Black Toast Hen on Nest, it is just a beautifully detailed, hand decorated, work of art. This piece, as well as being incredibly useful, serves as a wonderful centre piece for a kitchen display. What’s not to be liked about this little female chicken . So much nicer to look at too than a boring cardboard egg carton.

The design features a brownish base with loose fitting hen shaped lid in black and cream in the main with a red head and little yellow chicks poking out from under her wings (making a nice little added touch). The large size of 19cm in height by length of 22cm enables quite a few eggs to be stored within. Of course you don’t just have to put eggs in her as she makes a useful hiding place for your stash of chocolate too.

Many people store their eggs in fridges but this isn’t necessarily best for them – think about the supermarket – how many keep theirs in fridges? Also when cooking, particularly baking with eggs, then it is best with a room temperature egg.

This is where this Black Toast Hen comes into her own – she can sit proudly on top of her brood and the lid stops the eggs absorbing any odours and flavours of strong foods (unless you are in the lucky position to own a truffle of course, as these stored with eggs give your eggs a wonderful subtle truffle flavour!).

A chicken can only lay a maximum of one egg per 24 hours with many only getting one out every other day. So make sure you truly enjoy your egg as she has put a lot of hard work into making it for you.

Did you know chickens can live between five and ten years – quite a long time but not as long as this traditional Black Toast egg holder will last you.

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