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Charnos Bras Skinvisible

Skinvisible Brief Skinvisible Brief £8.00 Skinvisible Non-Padded Moulded Bra Skinvisible Non-Padded Moulded Bra £13.99 Skinvisible Thong Skinvisible Thong £6.99

A collection of bras and matching bottoms available in six different 'skin tones'. Charnos are a modern lingerie brand who realise that women dedicate a lot of time finding the right shade of foundation and hosiery to suit their skin tone. Here is a range that solves that problem for you when it comes to finding the right bra. Whether you want padded or non-padded, this is a simple yet gorgeous way of making your problems disappear. These Charnos bras are light and beautifully comfortable and give a great silhouette under any t-shirt or sweater.

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