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Chantelle Bras Senso

Senso Strapless T-Shirt Bra Senso Strapless T-Shirt Bra £18.00 Senso String Senso String £6.00 Senso T-Shirt Bra Senso T-Shirt Bra N/A

This manufacturer offers quality and comfort and one bra is amazingly sold every 30 seconds! They provide a variety of shapes to create different effects for the same bust. They fit like no other to create an attractive silhouette and give women a chance to have fun with their femininity. For an investment in comfort and style, choose a Chantelle bra. Many different Chantelle designs of bras are available on other shelves. Active Chic is a collection that inspires you to be free. This eye-catching, elegant lingerie is perfectly fashionable and lightweight. It sculpts the body and follows its every movement for optimum comfort and discretion. Senso offers beautiful shaping and fits like a second skin. This contemporary line offers a simple and functional style, innovative and comfortable shapes in beautifully iridescent knits, available in simple and discreet colours.

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