Stop Snore Ring Medium/Large

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Stop Snore Ring

Simply worn on the little finger and working on the principle of acupressure the highly effective stop snore ring is the only acupressure ring incorporating magnets. Available in 3 sizes each fully adjustable. If you are looking for a solution that is : · Discreet, Easy to wear, A one off purchase, A natural solution. Then this is probably the perfect solution.

The stop snore ring is manufactured from copper with an antique finish. Copper jewellery has been popular for thousands of years and is widely believed to have health benefits including relief from arthritis rheumatism and releasing toxins from the body.

Available in 3 different sizes. (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY)

The sizes are as follows: (The item is worn on the little finger)

Small-Medium fits ring size 15mm- 17mm

Medium-Large for 17mm- 19.5mm

Large-Extra Large for 19.5mm and above.

The ring incorporates a specially designed magnetic ‘block’ positioned to apply acupressure to a specific point on the little finger. Magnets are widely used by acupressure therapists as it is believed that magnetism magnifies the benefits.

The ring should be placed on the little finger of the right hand for males and the left hand of females preferably 30 mins before you plan on retiring to bed. The block MUST be positioned on the outside or underneath the little finger halfway between the knuckle and the middle joint of the little finger. NB For the majority of people the ring is most effective in position. Gently squeeze and tighten the ring so that you are aware of a pressure on the finger. Do NOT over tighten the ring as it is unnecessary and will feel uncomfortable. Trial and error will determine the right pressure for you and the most effective position of the block i.e. on the outside or underneath the little finger. The beneficial effects of the ring may take several days to develop although many people report an immediate effect.
It is not advisable to wear the ring during waking hours as maximum benefit is desired whilst you are asleep.

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Stop Snore Ring Medium/Large

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