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Vitality and Mood Disorders

Brain-Vit Brain-Vit £14.44 Cordyceps 500mg Cordyceps 500mg £11.99 GinkoVital GinkoVital £10.40 Memory Lane Memory Lane £456.64 Moringa Tablets Moringa Tablets £18.76 Neuroforte Neuroforte £10.99 Pure Spirulina Pure Spirulina £49.99

This shelf covers two different areas, firstly it looks at products which have a focus of lifting or altering frame of mind and secondly it looks at products which relate to energetics.

5-HTP, or 5-hydroxy-trytophan to give it its full name, is designed to help lift mood and influence appetite, it is also sometimes referred to as Serotone as it is passed into the bloodstream where it is converted into a chemical which is required for brain communication . Serotone affects mood and also calms and gives feelings of contentment and a lack of it has been linked with depression and anxiety. Other products are formulated to aid brain alertness such as Brain Alert from HealthAid.

Vitality products include the Co-enzyme Q10 range which acts a bit like a vitamin and improves energy production as it’s needed to covert energy in food molecules into energy for muscles. It’s also needed to process oxygen in cells and helps overcome fatigue. You will also find Guarana here which is a natural stimulant, acting very similar to caffeine. It is said to increase energy levels, both physically, mentally and sexually. The herbal boosters include both Guarana and Gotu Kola which is sometimes referred to as the ‘fountain of youth’. Other energy boosters include ginseng and don’t forget to review your vitamin and mineral status for any deficiencies, particularly B vitamins.

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