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Advanced 40 Plus Acidophilus Advanced 40 Plus Acidophilus £29.99 Advanced Acidophilus Advanced Acidophilus £13.99 Advanced Acidophilus Plus Advanced Acidophilus Plus £19.99 Advanced Multi Billion Dophilus Advanced Multi Billion Dophilus £19.99 Betaine Hydrochloride Pepsin Betaine Hydrochloride Pepsin £14.99 Bromelain 500mg Bromelain 500mg £13.90 Digestive Enzymes Digestive Enzymes £12.99 Probio 30 Billion Probio 30 Billion £29.99 Vegan Digestive Enzymes Vegan Digestive Enzymes £24.99

Proper digestion and absorption are two of the most important physiological functions in the body. If these processes are not working properly, optimal health cannot be maintained. Incomplete or disordered digestion can be a major contributor to the development of ill-health. The problem can be two fold: 1) ingestion of foods and nutritional substances are of little benefit when breakdown and assimilation are inadequate, 2) incompletely digested food molecules can be inappropriately absorbed into the systemic circulation. This can lead to the development of food allergies and other associated disorders.

The digestive tract and its function may be the single most important body component determining health and disease. Maintaining normal digestion, absorption and elimination is a necessity. Where these functions are faulty, we may not be aware that these dysfunctions are contributing to many other problems. The poor digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates further contributes to poor assimilation and nutritional deficiency problems. Therefore, when they are needed, supplemental support of digestive enzymes may be even more important. Natural emulsifying agents and digestive enzymes are excellent aids to the digestive and absorptive process. A number of digestive enzyme supplements are available from Solgar.

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