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Well done, you've taken the first step towards stopping smoking. Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes and Smoking Mixtures can help you quit smoking with a natural alternative and a Stop Smoking Plan. Also visit our self hypnosis section which includes a Stop Smoking Forever CD and whilst you are in the Alternative Therapy room try the passive smoking test, in the home test kits shelf, on your family and friends to see how much your smoking is affecting them. And lastly if you really are struggling to give up you should take antioxidants to try to reverse the damage.

To break free from habits, you need to understand why you feel the need for a cigarette. Smoking dependency is a habit fed by psychological dependency, physical dependency and behavioural dependency and taking control and getting rid of the habit can be difficult and long and it takes determination. NTB cigarettes are one way of helping you progressively give up smoking by replacing your standard tobacco cigarettes with natural ones which are tobacco and nicotine free. As they do not contain nicotine, you free yourself from the physical need, however that doesn’t mean you can smoke as many as you like! You also need to reduce your psychological need. No ToBacco (NTB) cigarettes contain plant ingredients such as papaya, eucalyptus, hazelnut and peppermint. Other ranges are also available including Honeyrose, already mentioned which are available as both cigarettes and tobacco, and in different ‘flavours’ and Barmora which has recently been brought back into production after much demand. For completeness we have also included a mouth spray called SOS which is designed to help you give up smoking.

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