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Self Hypnosis- Glenn Harold

Energy & Motivation Hypnosis CD Energy & Motivation Hypnosis CD £7.00 Lose Weight Now DVD Lose Weight Now DVD £13.99

Self Hypnosis CD's. The UK's best selling self help series by UK hypnotherapist Glenn Harold. Range includes Stop Smoking forever, Build your self Esteem, Deep Sleep every night, Lose Weight Now and many more, Buy online or call us on our FREE phone number 0808 144 0842. You can also visit the Body and Soul shop at our Shopping Mall in Malton, North Yorkshire.

Hypnosis is a psychological condition in which some people may be induced to show various differences in behavior and thinking. Although some individuals experience an increase in suggestibility and subjective feelings of an 'altered state of consciousness', this is not true for everyone. In fact, some supposed hypnotic indicators and subjective changes can be achieved without relaxation or a lengthy induction, a fact that increases the controversy around hypnosis.

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