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Ricola is a family-run, Swiss company with a long tradition. It is headquartered in Laufen, near Basel, and has subsidiaries in Asia and the USA. Founded in 1930 by Emil Richterich, Ricola has always been owned by the Richterich family. Today, Ricola is run by the third generation of the family represented by Felix Richterich, who is the current Chairman of the Board. In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Kohler has been responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations since the beginning of 2004.

The name Ricola derives from the first two letters of each word in the original company name: Richterich & Co., Laufen. Herbs, the spirit of Ricola The natural, soothing qualities of medicinal herbs are packed into every single product from Ricola and give them that unmistakably delicious flavour. Such a good and unique flavour, in fact, that you don't need a cough to enjoy Ricola. Ricola's herb speciality range is made from the finest natural ingredients and is well known for its soothing, refreshing and good tasting properties. Ricola has developed its own gentle processes for extracting the essence from the herbs. These preserve the active ingredients and are used to produce a variety of different flavours.

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