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Pharma Nord Bio Supplements

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The company which produces these products is a European pharmaceutical company which specialises in preventive medicine and nutritional supplements. Pharma Nord is represented by subsidiaries in a number of European countries and is constantly expanding its horizons.

Pharma Nord was founded in 1981 as a trading company but soon began itself to produce dietary supplements and, somewhat later, natural remedies and medicinal drugs. The company has received GMP certification as a producer of medicinal drugs from the National Health Authority, which regularly inspects its production facilities. Although widely available in health food shops the Bio-Series range is also recommended by many doctors and dentists for patients with nutritional deficiencies, and for improving general health. They work closely with hospitals and universities to develop specific products that can be used in nutritional management including the more serious medical conditions. Their product range is wide ranging and includes the popular, Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn as well as all of their other famous supplements starting with Bio.

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