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Menovital Menovital £9.99 Phyto Soya Double Potency capsules Phyto Soya Double Potency capsules £22.45

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Change of Life’, ‘Climacteric’ or simply the ‘Change’ this period of a women’s life may cover a period of between 15 & 20 years. Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstrual cycles associated with advancing age in species that experience such cycles. In strict terms the menopause is actually your last period and there are phases before and after this called pre - where you still have regular periods but have some symptoms, peri – irregular periods and more sever symptoms and post – after your final period. Symptom patterns include hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, weight gain, and headaches to name but a few. Many women ask how do they know whether they are entering the change and a simple menopause test is available which looks at the levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which increases during the onset of this period of your life.

Some women turn to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) however their side effects and latest studies have led food supplement companies to develop supplements & herbs to help you get through the menopause. Many contain dietary isoflavones, such as Red Clover, and studies have shown that nutrients in the diet called ‘isoflavone phytoestrogens’ may be important in helping the body stay healthy during and after the menopause. Today, the typical British diet contains almost no isoflavones because we eat hardly any foods containing them such as pulses or legumes e.g. lentils, chickpeas, red clover, soya and other beans. It is thought that women in Eastern, Mediterranean and Latin America countries stay healthy around this time because their diet is high in such nutrients. Red clover is considered to be one of the legumes richest in isoflavones, containing all four – genistein, daidzein, biochanin and formononetin. Other soya isoflavone products include Estroven, Isovon, Phytosoya and Ymea. In fact Phyto Soya is a the only standardised soya extract that is clinically proven to be effective in reducing hot flushes and this can be found on our Arkopharma shelf. Other supplementation includes Black Cohosh, Sage, and mixed ingredient products which you can find and amongst the other major suppliers shelves such as Higher Nature’s Menophase or Menopace.

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