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Chewable Calcium 400mcg Chewable Calcium 400mcg £5.27 MagAsorb 150mg as Citrate MagAsorb 150mg as Citrate £9.74 Osteoguard Osteoguard £11.98 Osteoguard Synergy Osteoguard Synergy £13.17 Selenium 200mcg Selenium 200mcg £9.99 Zinc 15mg (as Citrate) Zinc 15mg (as Citrate) £7.99 Zinc 30mg (as Gluconate) Zinc 30mg (as Gluconate) £8.27 Zinc 50mg (as Citrate) Zinc 50mg (as Citrate) £5.77 Zinc Plus Lozenges Zinc Plus Lozenges £6.07

Minerals are inorganic substances that cannot be synthesised by our bodies, making the body reliant upon the dietary intake. Minerals actively participate in regulating a wide range of physiological functions, including transporting oxygen to cells and in the general upkeep of the central nervous system. Minerals are also required for growth, maintenance, repair and the health of bones and tissues. The nutritional value of minerals is every bit as important to us as vitamins yet today’s highly processed foods coupled with the depletion of mineral levels in the soil arising from intensive farming practices can lead to shortfalls of these elements in our daily diet. It’s becoming increasingly evident from UK dietary surveys that a worryingly large proportion of adults and children are failing to achieve the recommended daily targets for a range of minerals and trace elements.

Lamberts® offers a wide selection of single minerals and combination formulas. We use fine grade mineral compounds to increase solubility and always quote the actual elemental weight of the mineral present as opposed to the weight of the compound. At Lamberts® we believe this information is vital for a practitioner, as dosage is everything when you work in clinical practice.

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