Cinnamon 2500mg Cinnamon 2500mg £11.95 Cranberry Complex Powder Cranberry Complex Powder £11.99 Eyewise Eyewise £17.78 Ginger 12000mg Ginger 12000mg £10.99 Ibisene 8000mg Ibisene 8000mg £11.68 Plant Sterols 400mg Plant Sterols 400mg £11.99 Sage 2500mg Sage 2500mg £14.85 Saw Palmetto Complex Saw Palmetto Complex £15.00 Saw Palmetto Extract 160mg Saw Palmetto Extract 160mg £13.95 Siberian Ginseng 1500mg Siberian Ginseng 1500mg £9.92 Soya Isoflavones 100mg Soya Isoflavones 100mg £12.50 Veintain Veintain £11.99

Lamberts® favours standardised extracts since the extraction and concentration procedures ensure that the herbal preparation is far more potent than those products based on powdered whole herb, where no attempt is made to concentrate or standardise the products. Almost all the active ingredients in a herb are locked up inside the plant cells and protected by the tough cell walls. Herbalists often boil or infuse the herbs, breaking down the cell walls, which releases these active ingredients into solution.

Our extracts are prepared in a similar way except that we then need to dry the extracted active ingredients to make into tablets or capsules. This process of extraction and drying greatly increases the concentration of the active ingredients. Few supplement companies go to these lengths across their entire range of herbs but at Lamberts® we think it is essential to use extracts. This is because the alternative ‘whole herb’ sounds good but is simply dried plant material and will be mostly fibre with little active ingredients. And that’s if you can digest it!

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