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Lamberts Amino Acid Formulations

L-Cysteine 500mg L-Cysteine 500mg £13.99 L-Lysine 500mg L-Lysine 500mg £6.98 L-Phenylalanine 500mg L-Phenylalanine 500mg £14.54 Natural Pea Protein Natural Pea Protein £18.40 Strawberry Protein Boost Strawberry Protein Boost £7.12

Amino acids are used by the body to build proteins. Proteins are essential for the formation of cells and are also involved in the biochemical structure of hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and antibodies. Amino acids are classified as either essential or non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesised in the body and must be obtained from the diet, whereas non-essential amino acids, whilst still essential for health, can be synthesised in the body and are therefore not classified as 'essential'. Lamberts® premium grade amino acids are presented in their 'free form' for maximum absorption and utilisation.

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