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Krea-Genic - The Next Generation of Creatine Supplementation

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Many bodybuilders may claim that strength is not important because nobody can see it on stage anyway. That is almost correct. It surely does not depend on comparing yourself to other bodybuilders with respect to strength. Your gauge is your own strength. If your workout partner lifts 180 kg while you can manage only 140 kg, it may be that your partner simply has better leverage. But the stronger you are, the more you can stimulate growth in your muscles. After all maximum growth is what counts. KREA-GENIC gives you a hand for more muscles and more strength. You’ll make a hell of a team achieving monstrous mass.

KREA-GENIC absorption booster on board By using the sodium dependant transport mechanism a quicker absorption is possible. A molecule requires two sodium molecules to increase the "mold velocity" of creatine into the cell by 50%. KREA-GENIC contains the optimal value of sodium, tied to the creatine. This value "presses" the creatine into the muscle cell in a natural way.

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