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Higher Nature Heart, Digestive and Immune Systems

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We all need to take care of our hearts and we can do this by avoiding as many risk factors as possible which include a poor diet, raised cholesterol, being overweight, smoking, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and low physical activity. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is important however many heart attack sufferers have normal cholesterol levels and two other important factors include Homocysteine and Lipoprotein. Homocysteine is a harmful amino acid produced in the body and is normally kept within acceptable levels by the body, however in certain individuals, such as those who smoke, are getting older, or are drinking too much tea or coffee their ability to keep the blood within the normal ranges is reduced. Some scientists believe that maintaining Homocysteine with normal ranges helps maintain a health heart and arteries and H is a nutritional supplement designed to help the body maintain this level. You can also check your levels with the Heart Check Kit.

Other Higher Nature heart products include TMG, Red Sterol Complex and Supergar. They also have excellent product ranges to cover Digestion and Digestive Health which include digestive enzymes, the herbal extract milk thistle, stomach acid supplements, Glutamine and Ginger. Maintaining a healthy Immune System is vital and their products associated with this area include Imunoglukan, Colloidal Silver, Citricidal, and Sheep’s Sorrell (which was previously known as Essiac).

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