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DETOX Aniseed Fennel and Licorice Tea DETOX Aniseed Fennel and Licorice Tea £4.99 Golden Rod Tea (Golden Grass) Golden Rod Tea (Golden Grass) £8.20 Magic of Green Buckwheat Magic of Green Buckwheat £2.21 Organic Rooibos Tea Organic Rooibos Tea £7.99 Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Tea Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Tea £6.20

More teas are included here from brands such as Eleven O’Clock Redbush tea, Flor-Essence and Rutin’s Green Buckwheat Tea which offer a delightful and soothing alternative to your ordinary cuppa plus numerous other benefits. We stock organic Chamomile Tea and Organic Green Tea.

What is Herbal Tea?

Herbal Tea is a Herbal Infusion that is not made from tea leaves but from fresh or dried flowers or seeds and roots. Here you will also find top selling health foods and organic 100% natural noni juice is also located here which is an exceptional source of nutrition containing proxeronine, scopoletin and xeronine which are believed to accelerate the production and maintenance of healthy body cells. It acts as an adaptogen helping organs return to normal function, known as homeostasis. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and may help support the immune system and ease symptoms associated with conditions such as arthritis.

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore