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Peppermint Oil Peppermint Oil £2.80 Raspberry Ketone Raspberry Ketone £8.99 Raspberry Leaf Powder Raspberry Leaf Powder £39.98 Rhodiola 300mg Rhodiola 300mg £13.55 Rosehip 3000mg Rosehip 3000mg £6.62 SPECIAL OFFER Rutivite Tablets Rutivite Tablets £3.99 Saffron Saffron £18.99 Sage Oil Capsules Sage Oil Capsules £24.99 Soya Isoflavone Complex 910mg Soya Isoflavone Complex 910mg £19.99 Soya Isoflavones Soya Isoflavones £5.19 SPECIAL OFFER St Johns Wort 500mg St Johns Wort 500mg N/A Terra Nova Spirulina & Chlorella Terra Nova Spirulina & Chlorella £9.99

Welcome to the Body and Soul Shop at WWSM. We stock a complete range of health supplements. On this shelf we have a range of herbal supplements, including Agnus Castus, Black Cososh, Devils Claw and Ginkgo Biloba. Buy online or call us on our FREE phone number 0808 144 0842. You can also visit the Body and Soul shop at our Shopping Mall in Malton, North Yorkshire

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