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Dr Stuart's Herbal Tea

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Say hello to the Doctor! As a practising medical herbalist he has been blending botanicals for their health-giving properties for more than 20 years. These remarkable ranges of medicinal grade teas are made with high levels of active botanicals each offering the perfect remedy for whatever life throws at you. Extraordinarily good teas from Dr Stuart.

You may wonder how to make the best herbal tea and the key action is to leave to brew. Pour freshly boiled water onto your herbal teabag and allow to brew for a good four to five minutes – yes really that long. If you take the bag out too quickly then there will not have been enough time to allow the active botanicals to release all of their vital oils –plus keep a lid on it by covering your mug, or perhaps use a small teapot, and this will keep even more goodness in. Once brewed enjoy your lovely cuppa and sit back to reap the benefits. The Herbal Tea from Dr Stuart is unique in the British market in being designed and formulated by a practising Medical Herbalist with more than 30 years clinical experience. By producing these products with care, they look after the finest herbal range in the world to meet the growing interest in herbs and herbalism.

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