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Antioxidant Nutrient Complex Antioxidant Nutrient Complex £15.00 Cysticare Cysticare £11.99 Dandelion, Arichoke & Cysteine Complex Dandelion, Arichoke & Cysteine Complex £13.99 Fresh Freeze Dried Avena Sativa & Tart Cherry Super Blend Fresh Freeze Dried Avena Sativa & Tart Cherry Super Blend £9.99 Living Wellbeing Super-Blend Living Wellbeing Super-Blend £9.99

This is simply the removal of toxic substances from the body. It is commonly the function of the kidneys and liver. Other less mainstream methods for eliminating toxic substances from the body include the modification of the diet and addition of certain herbs and rituals such as colonic irrigation, juice fasting and sweat lodges. All these methods claim to assist the body's natural detoxification process. A detox can take on many different guises, from a full dietary Detox, to relatively small dietary changes, or to include the use of food supplements. If you are unsure about how to detox, or have an existing health complaint it is very important to consult either your doctor or a qualified health professional before starting. Obviously food supplements are only one part of the equation and you must first start to avoid putting toxic things into your body, look at your diet and assess what changes are required.

If you are feeling really brave then review the enema kit which can be found under our home test kits section to give your colon a bit of a spring clean. Also try to eat a diet high in fibre, drink lots of water, go to the loo regularly and take plenty of exercise. A good way of increasing your fibre is to use psyllium seed husks which generally come in either capsules or as a powder. The detox products on this shelf include those which are designed to work over twenty four hours, over a weekend, as a ten day plan or as a monthly plan.

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