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Copper Bracelet- Heavy Twist Copper Bracelet- Heavy Twist £9.84 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Copper Bracelet- Narrow Copper Bracelet- Narrow £14.64 Free Delivery Copper Bracelets- Fine Twist Copper Bracelets- Fine Twist £5.11 Free Delivery Hematite Bracelet 3 Hematite Bracelet 3 £9.00 Free Delivery Hematite Bracelet 5 Hematite Bracelet 5 £10.81 Free Delivery MagnaMax Accessories MagnaMax Accessories £3.23 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Magnetic Bracelet- Antique Link Magnetic Bracelet- Antique Link £6.99 Free Delivery Magnetic Bracelet- Copper Narrow Magnetic Bracelet- Copper Narrow £5.05 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Magnetic Bracelets- Brass Torque Magnetic Bracelets- Brass Torque £15.99 Free Delivery

Magnetic Bracelets - Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet is thought to ease pain. People who suffer from osteoarthritis may benefit from wearing one. On this shelf we have Copper Bracelets, Magnetic Bracelets and other Copper therapy products.

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