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Luffa Nasal Spray for Hayfever Luffa Nasal Spray for Hayfever £10.99 Menoforce Sage Tablets Menoforce Sage Tablets £13.99 Menosan Menopause Support Menosan Menopause Support £14.99 Menosan Sage Drops Menosan Sage Drops £16.99 Molkosan Molkosan £12.99 Passiflora Complex Passiflora Complex £11.99 Plantago Lanceolata Plantago Lanceolata £10.99 Po-Ho Oil Inhaler Stick Po-Ho Oil Inhaler Stick £4.97 Prostasan Prostasan £18.99 Spilanthes Spilanthes £11.99 Urtica Urtica £11.50 Urticalcin Urticalcin £7.99

On this shelf we have the continuation of the Bioforce herbal tinctures as developed by Alfred Vogel. Alfred Vogel, the renowned Swiss naturopath, established Bioforce to produce his world famous organically cultivated fresh herbal remedies. He was fascinated by the power of nature and the scope of herbal remedies from a young age. Taught by his father and grandmother, he soon acquired a deep respect for all the wonders the natural world had to offer. He pursued his interests by travelling around the world living with indigenous people to learn about their healing traditions. Establishing a clinic in the Swiss mountains, Vogel began to make remedies using herbs he grew in the clinic garden. He was intrigued by how they worked and continually investigated their properties. Despite not having the technology we now have today he came to several conclusions that modern science has since proved true and the partnership with Bioforce has enabled these remedies to be brought to the wider audience and be further developed into the products shown below which we know and love today and the principles on which Vogel founded Bioforce have been adhered to with respect and pride ever since. Welcome to the World of Alfred Vogel - a man ahead of his time making nature work.

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