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Biocare is an independent UK, science based company founded by scientists and naturopathic practitioners with many years experience in both the fields of science and nutrition. From their inception they have developed many new and exciting products and their reputation has been built upon their innovative product development, the quality of their raw materials and their specialised manufacturing techniques. Their unique range of nutritional supplements has been formulated with the 'allergic/intolerant' individual in mind and includes everything including herbals all with a strong emphasis on obtaining maximum absorption and bioavailability. Virtually every BioCare product is presented in capsule form suitable for vegetarians and vegans as they have made effort to meet the needs of patients who require products on a non-animal origin for whatever reason. Their vegetarian capsules are made from cellulose and water and they also produce a large number of products in powder and liquid form which may be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Most of their herbal products are included within this category however some herbal combinations products with specific applications may also be found on one of the other Biocare shelves.

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